>a personal aside…

>…but aren’t they all?

I woke up this morning convinced I should stop using the name “cineboy” while blogging and just use my real name, Tucker.

Why “cineboy”? The name “cineboy” came about like this: about 5 years ago at my job we were all told to change our IM contact names for security purposes. The contact names could not have any part of either our own name or that of the company. So after I tried several ideas only to discover they were already taken, I finally chose “cineboy” as part of the name. I chose it because it reminded me that the job I was in did not define me. The name “cineboy” reminded me of my past education and my past & present passions in the midst of a job that was not feeding my soul – and eventually it just stuck with me. So there you have it, “cineboy” is a goofy name, and in no way do I use it to indicate some unusual insight into cinema (for my knowledge is about as deep as a children’s wading pool), rather it has personal import for me. Therefore, although I woke up this morning thinking I should stop using the name, I have now reconsidered and will still use it – though you can call me Tucker anytime.

Finally: I started this blog in Dec. 2006. So it’s still in diapers. I am also new to blogging, but not new to online discussions (I was part of a BBS discussion group back in the 1980’s and have tended since then to use email for much of my thoughts). For me, this blog affords the opportunity to re-engage with two of my favorite pastimes – (a) watching & thinking about movies, and (b) writing (& talking) about movies. This blog also affords me the opportunity to engage my brain in something creative apart from my job. And, I should add, I have found it wonderful to make connections with others. I do find, however, that blogging can be an obsession that demands to be given priority over other things – like doing my homework and cleaning the house, etc. As I get back into the demands of school, as I begin to take on the responsibility of a new baby, and as the reality of the rest of my life catches up with me, I will likely have to force myself to be a little less concerned with this blog – but still engaged. That’s life, and life is good. If you have actually read this far, I am appreciative. Have a great day.

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